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Brother TZE-251 P-Touch Ribbon, 24mm x 8m

Product Information Specifications
Label colourBlack on white
Tape typeTZe
Product colourWhite
Technical details
Tape typeTZe
Tape length8 m
Product colourWhite
Tape width2.4 cm
Weight & dimensions
Tape width2.4 cm
Tape length8 m

TZe tapes are compatible with all existing TZ tape machines.

TZe tape offers enhanced eco-credentials and will replace our original TZ tape range.

Extensive testing has been performed to ensure that P-touch Tze labels are incredibly durable under all kinds of conditions. They hold up extraordinarily well - and stay crisp, legible and affixed - even when subjected to abrasion, extreme temperature, industrial chemicals and sunlight.

Abrasion Resistant P-touch TZe Labels - Brother's patented tape technology ensures that Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand even heavy abrasion.

Temperature Resistant P-touch TZe Labels - Whether you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or extremely warm environments, Brother P-touch laminated labels have been designed to last. We know this because we have tested them to the extreme. In fact, results show that our laminated labels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to 150°C.

Fade Resistant P-touch TZe Labels - Wherever you use PTouch laminated labels, they will stay as clear and legible as the day they were applied.

Water and Chemical Resistant P-touch TZe Labels - Testing TZe labels to the extreme has found them to be waterproof and resistant to chemical spill.

Brother TZe labels stick to virtually any surface and are durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because TZe TAPES are water resistant, they can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. They shrug off spills of any kind; from water, to oil, to chemicals and won't fade under harsh UV rays. And these TZe labels stay on through hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves.


- 24mm Tape Black on White
- Always check the model number on your machine and the type of tape it uses.
- There is a range of P-Touch labeling machines and a variety of tapes to choose from.
- Easily installed, please refer to the owner's manual for these instructions.

Compatible Printers: Brother P-Touch Cube plus, Brother P-Touch D 800 W, Brother P-Touch PT-P 950 NW, Brother P-Touch 9200 Series, Brother P-Touch PT-P 900 Series, Brother P-Touch P 750 Series, Brother P-Touch H 500 Series, Brother P-Touch D 600 VP, Brother P-Touch 2450, Brother P-Touch 2400 E, Brother P-Touch 7600 VP, Brother P-Touch 2730 VP, Brother P-Touch H 500 Li, Brother P-Touch 9800 PCN, Brother P-Touch E 550 W VP, Brother P-Touch P 750 W, Brother P-Touch 3600, Brother P-Touch P 750 TDI, Brother P-Touch PT-P 900 W, Brother P-Touch P 750 W + 4 tapes, Brother P-Touch PT-P 900 NW, Brother P-Touch 2450 Series, Brother P-Touch 2450 CC, Brother P-Touch 350, Brother P-Touch 2500 PC, Brother P-Touch RL 700 S, Brother P-Touch 550, Brother P-Touch 2450 DX, Brother P-Touch 9600, Brother P-Touch 9500 PC, Brother P-Touch E 500 VP, Brother P-Touch 9200 DX, Brother P-Touch 7500 VP, Brother P-Touch 2420 PC, Brother P-Touch H 500, Brother P-Touch 2400, Brother P-Touch P 700, Brother P-Touch 9200 PC, Brother P-Touch 9400, Brother P-Touch 2460, Brother P-Touch 2480, Brother P-Touch 9700 PC, Brother P-Touch 2470, Brother P-Touch 2430 PC

POA excl. VAT
Code: TZE251
UNSPSC: 43211600
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